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Research portfolio

Published on 23 February 2022

Development of research portfolio

NHS Scotland Assure is adding to the knowledge base available to built environment projects. Building on this existing knowledge will reduce risks, increase quality and promote the sharing of research with key stakeholders. Benefits come through working with external stakeholders and other Assure services to ensure information and evidence is available to those who need it.

By engaging with our stakeholders, other NHS Scotland Assure services and by using lessons learned, this service identifies key topics relating to reduction of risk in the built environment.

The service prioritises research themes and needs in line with the service strategy and identifies opportunities for research and sharing findings.

Research carried out in 2020/2021

Throughout 2020/2021 the NHS Scotland Assure Research service commissioned a number of research projects which address gaps in current evidence. These relate to previous issues and lessons learned within previous NHS Scotland projects.

The research projects carried out to date are as listed below with final outputs due by end July 2021:

  • to investigate the prevalence and concentration of Cupriavidus and other Opportunistic Premise Plumbing Pathogens (OPPPs) in healthcare water systems across Scotland and England.

    Chief Investigator: Teresa Inkster, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

  • hospital sinks and drains as a source of antimicrobial resistant microorganisms: studies to investigate colonisation, dispersal and decontamination.

    Chief Investigator: Ginny Moore, Public Health England

  • whole genome sequencing of potable water derived Cupriavidus species.

    Chief Investigator: Alistair Leonard, NHS Greater Glasgow & Clyde

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