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How to use eOphthalmic for claims

Published on 10 August 2021

How to log in

Access to eOphthalmic payments is available via a secure NHS connection provided by us. Alternatively, you can use an IPSec tunnel. These solutions allow the safe transfer of confidential data.

The IPSec tunnel will usually only apply to those using a corporate system or whose data is stored in a central hub.

The CAT20 connection is the more common solution. If you have not or cannot be transferred to a CAT20 we will provide you with a VPN and you will use a password and a hard token (these look like a key fob).

If you need to request a secure connection, please read the code of connection (COC) and complete and return the declaration form to the following email:


Practice management system (PMS) claims

If you have a suitable practice management system (PMS), it will form claims automatically and relay the information to us.

The appearance of ‘system-to-system’ claims will vary, depending on which PMS you use. But the broad principles are similar to the web form, so this guide still applies.

Web Form

Once you're connected to either your CAT20, VPN, or IPSec tunnel you can login to eOphthalmic. Simply use your web form username and password. Note that this will not be the same as your VPN login details.

The web form enables you to enter claim details onto a secure web page and submit them to us.

Log in to eOphthalmic.

Selecting your optometry practice

The ribbon at the top of this screen confirms your name and address.

Select which practice you are working at using the drop-down menu. Then, select 'continue'.

A homepage will now appear. You'll see that the details of the practice you selected are added to the information in the ribbon at the top of the page.

From this screen, you can navigate to the different function areas of the site:

  • create claim
  • review claim
  • maintain user
  • change password
  • change practice

In order to change user, click the ‘Logout’ button in the top right-hand corner of the ribbon. This will take you back to the login page.

Creating a claim

When a patient presents to the practice either by phoning or attending to make an appointment, you can start the process of creating a claim.

Bear in mind that the date of the last primary eye examination is a visual cue. It will not automatically stop a claim that is time-barred. You should look at the result (if a match is found) and decide how to proceed based on that information.

Complete the relevant form online and submit using your PIN.