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Continuing Professional Development allowance.

Published on 01 December 2022

Continuing Professional Development Allowance (CPD) and application form

Application for CPD undertaken in 2021 has now closed (The deadline midnight Wednesday 30 November 2022)

Details for claiming appropriate CPD undertaken in 2022 including the application form will be published here when available.

The CPD application form will lead you through the questions and a series of declarations. To assist you further, here are a few guidance points:

  • Questions 1 -4, declare your understanding on all 4 questions before moving on to page 2,

  • Question 8, If you declare yes to the question “are you an independent Prescriber Optometrist” an additional field will open for the Independent Prescriber Code. This code is issued to the Optometrist by the Health Board (HB) and can also be found on your prescription pad above your name and is pre-fixed by a letter and dash.

  • Question 12, please apply the following advice after answering the question “are you a locum”: If you are a Locum in one HB area and Part 1 in a different HB, claim under the HB where you do the most GOS work. If you are claiming under the HB area where you do the Part 1 work declare NO to “are you a locum” as this question is specific to the HB you are claiming CPD under and instead of completing the home address the form will now prompt for the practice address. If you declare YES to “are you a locum” the Payment Location Code field will disappear, and only the home address will be required.

  • Question 17, please enter the name of the bank account holder and not the name of the bank.

  • Questions 19 - 24, finally declare your understanding on all 6 final questions before submitting your application by entering your eOphthalmic PIN and date.

Note: After the acknowledgment appears that your CPD allowance has been received your application cannot be amended. If you have an issue about the information within your submitted application, please contact the ophthalmic payments team: