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Find out more about Medicines: Care & Review (MCR)

Published on 05 August 2021

Medicines: Care and Review (MCR) allows patients with long-term conditions to access a community pharmacy of their choice for the provision of pharmaceutical care.

Components of Medicines: Care and Review (MCR)

Medicines: Care and Review (MCR) is an updated and refreshed service for community pharmacy contractors. It has three key elements and patients are entitled to any depending on their individual need(s):

  • Medication review: All patients are entitled to receive a medication review. This will help identify any potential care issues but also aid suitability and selection for a serial prescription
  • Pharmaceutical care: Care issues and care plans are recorded on the secure web based application, Pharmacy Care Record (PCR)
  • Serial prescribing: Patients who are stabilised on their medication can have their items prescribed on a prescription that will be valid for 24, 48 or 56 weeks without having to return to their GP practice for repeats.

A Shared Care Agreement is available to help community pharmacies and GP practices discuss and agree implementation of serial prescribing. Access and read the Shared Care Agreement for further information.

Serial prescribing does not rely on patient registration. However this is still used as an enabler to support the electronic message flow between the community pharmacy, GP practice and ePractitioner Message Store (ePMS).

Serial Prescribing (SRx)

A serial prescription (SRx) is a prescription that may be supplied to patients who have a long term condition(s) and will remain valid for up to 56 weeks.

What are the key differences?

There are number of key differences between a SRx and a ‘normal’ GP10. The main ones are that the form is valid for 24, 48 or 56 weeks with the prescriber specifying the dispensing interval and total quantity on the form.

Items prescribed on a SRx cannot be amended; they must be cancelled. In addition, community pharmacy teams cannot endorse the paper; claims must all be electronic.

Incorrect claims

You are able to make administrative adjustments if you notice an error with an electronic claim and are unable to amend it. Download and complete this incorrect claim form in order to do so.

How will GP practices deliver MCR?

The following resources will support GP practices in the delivery of MCR:

How will Community Pharmacy deliver MCR?

The following resources will support Community Pharmacy in the delivery of MCR.