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Report on Repeatable Rooms

Published on 28 August 2023

From: Health Facilities Scotland

NHS Scotland: Repeatable Rooms. Improving quality, value & sustainability through standardisation.



NHSScotland (NHSS) Assure - Health Facilities Scotland in conjunction with NHS boards have developed for our Scottish Property Advisory Group (SPAG) and its sub group, Building Design and Construction (BDaC) Repeatable Rooms Strategy Report for utilisation across NHSScotland Estate. The initial 2020 report provides three specific key common room types.

The August 2023 supplementary Research Report examines Post Occupancy Evaluation (POE) feedback from a range of users for the 2020 Repeatable Rooms three types within four NHSS healthcare facilities. The feedback on room design principles and features for three initial room types should contribute toward future development for Boards and for the next suite of Repeatable Room types.