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IRIC safety alert


Published on 26 April 2022

Reference: SIM2205 – Issued: 26 April 2022 Review Date: 26 April 2023

HSE Safety Bulletin EPD1-2022: Ear loop respirators/masks do not provide protection as tight fitting RPE


HSE has published Safety Bulletin (EPD1-2022) on respirators/masks which rely on ear loops including those provided with clips, ‘snuggers’ or other means of tightening the fit of the mask to hold the respirator/mask in place. Action is required to ensure that Respiratory Protective Equipment (RPE) provision is adequate, suitable for the user and the activity to be undertaken.


Refer to the HSE safety bulletin EPD1-2022 and follow the required actions.

Suggested onward distribution

  • Health & Safety
  • Infection Prevention Control Occupational Health
  • Risk Management Safety Representatives Supplies/Procurement


Enquiries and adverse incident reports should be addressed to:

Incident Reporting & Investigation Centre (IRIC)
NHS National Services Scotland
Tel: 0131 275 7575

IRIC remit

General information about adverse incidents, safety alerts and IRIC’s role can be found in CEL 43 (2009), Safety of Health, Social Care, Estates and Facilities Equipment: NHS Board and Local Authority Responsibilities, issued 30 October 2009.

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