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IRIC safety alert


Published on 28 April 2022

Reference: SIM2206 – Issued: 28 April 2022

Drive DeVilbiss Hybrid Power Mattress - over inflation of cell


IRIC has received several incident reports this month involving the Drive the DeVilbiss hybrid power mattress in which there has been an over inflation of a cell. Investigations are ongoing and it is too early to determine the cause.

Further information is needed to enable a full assessment of this issue and we therefore request that you check your local adverse event management system for similar incidents and report them to IRIC.

Information on reporting incidents to IRIC can be found here: report an incident

Equipment details

Drive DeVilbiss- hybrid power mattress. Product code HYB/POWER.


Enquiries and adverse incident reports should be addressed to:

Incident Reporting & Investigation Centre (IRIC)
NHS National Services Scotland
Tel: 0131 275 7575

IRIC remit

General information about adverse incidents, safety alerts and IRIC’s role can be found in CEL 43 (2009), Safety of Health, Social Care, Estates and Facilities Equipment: NHS Board and Local Authority Responsibilities, issued 30 October 2009.

Report an incident

Information on how to report an adverse incident

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