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Complex mesh surgical service

Published on 07 February 2024

Complex mesh surgical service

The Complex Mesh Surgical Service in Glasgow offers specialist assessment and care in the treatment of complications caused by mesh insertion to treat urinary incontinence and vaginal prolapse.

The service is hosted by NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde (GG&C). The NHS GG&C service forms part of the UK network of 10 specialist mesh centres and is recognised for its clinical expertise in this field.

Who is the service for?

The Complex Mesh Surgical Service is for adult women who are living with:

  • complications caused by mesh insertion for urinary incontinence and pelvic organ prolapse
  • who have had mesh insertion and undergone non-surgical treatments or previous surgery for mesh complications that have not resolved the problem
  • who are considering further treatment for mesh complications

What does the service offer?

The service offers patients a comprehensive assessment of their mesh-related complications and will give information about the available treatment options via a multi-disciplinary team (MDT). The MDT includes specialist surgeons, doctors, nurses, physiotherapists, and psychologists.

Staff will ensure individuals have appropriate up-to-date information and support to enable them to have an active part, along with the clinical team in the decision making around which treatment option is most suitable to meet their needs.

On occasion, there will be a requirement for the patient to undergo further diagnostic tests or imaging to inform a treatment plan.

Some patients will choose a conservative (non-surgical) approach to treatment. For others, treatment will be surgery, with either partial or full removal of the mesh.

Women can choose to have their surgery performed by the service in Glasgow or an (NHS funded) independent provider.

How do women get referred to the service?

The service accepts referrals from local urogynaecology services across Scotland. Women will need to be reviewed by a consultant urogynaecologist and may have to undergo some investigations prior to a referral to the service. Referrals to the Complex Mesh Surgical Service in Glasgow are submitted by the local consultant via an electronic referral form.

What additional information is available?