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Scottish national pain management programme

Published on 07 February 2024

The Scottish National Pain Management Programme offers access to a highly specialist and intensive programme of interdisciplinary care for adults with severe chronic pain. The programme provides both residential and virtual intensive pain management programmes.

What support does the programme offer?

Adults with persistent disabling chronic pain access an expert interdisciplinary team who help with developing self-management skills to help with managing pain.

Following referral and assessment by health professionals, patients are enrolled into either a residential or remote programme. Groups of up to 10 participants attend for an intensive block ranging between three to five weeks. Through working together with staff and other group members, patients develop interventions which help support them in managing pain which helps improve quality of life.

After the intensive block, review appointments are offered to patients. These occur at three and then six months after the intensive block.

Further information about the Scottish National Pain Management Programme for adults is also available on their website.