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Scottish paediatric molecular radiotherapy service

Published on 07 February 2024

The Scottish Paediatric Molecular Radiotherapy Service provides molecular radiotherapy (MRT) for children and young adults with cancer. In the first instance, the service will provide 131I-mIBG therapy for neuroblastoma and 131I therapy for the treatment of thyroid cancer.

What the service treats

Patients who have been diagnosed with either thyroid carcinoma or high risk neuroblastoma which has relapsed or has failed to respond to other appropriate evidence based treatments for this condition.


Patients will have a proven neuroblastoma and have undergone staging investigations, including 123I-mIBG scintigraphy, anatomical imaging (CT, MRI, ultrasound), biochemical assessment to identify objective tumour markers and biopsy to confirm malignancy. Radiologic investigations may also include PET-CT scans.

Thyroid Cancer

MRT is used to destroy any remaining thyroid cells after surgery (total or near-total thyroidectomy) and the service will receive referrals for treatment from paediatric oncologists following the recommendation by the paediatric oncology MDT of which they are a member.