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Solid organ transplantation

Published on 07 February 2024

About solid organ transplantation

Solid organ transplantation is a treatment option for end-stage organ failure of the kidneys, liver, pancreas, heart, and lung. Transplantation involves the removal of an organ from a donor to place it in the body of a recipient. The new organ replaces a damaged one.

Delivery of solid organ donation and transplantation takes place collaboratively across the UK. This ensures the closest match between organ and recipient to maximise potential for good clinical outcomes. It reduces the risk of graft failure or the need for re-transplantation.

Sharing expertise and organs across the UK means that patients in Scotland have better access to the closest matched organs. Otherwise, these wouldn’t be available.

What solid organ transplantation services are available in Scotland?

Several national transplant services are available for Scottish residents.

Find out more about each service using the links in the Contents menu above, or click Next below.

NHSScotland reimbursement of living solid organ donor expenses

To support living donor transplantation, NHSScotland will reimburse living donor expenses.

Download the financial operating procedure and claim forms (PDF, 494KB).