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Blood and blood components

Published on 03 September 2021

Our blood ordering schedules are designed to provide guidance primarily for pre-planned surgical procedures.

They have been prepared in order to allow the most efficient use of blood stocks and laboratory facilities.

Red cells

  • Stored at: +2 to +6 degrees Celsius
  • Volume (range): Volume 220 to 340ml for red cells in additive solution, leucodepleted
  • ABO and D compatible

Indications for red cells

  • Patient blood management statements, including single unit, triggers, targets.

Special requirements

Some patients require special blood – this could be related to the patient’s characteristics or the underlying disease for which they are being treated. In an emergency, these special requirements are still important.

  • Phenotyped (antigen-specific)
  • Irradiated
  • Cytomegalovirus (CMV) negative
  • Washed
  • Immunoglobulin A (IgA) deficient

However, in a life-threatening situation giving emergency blood to save the patient’s life is the priority.

 Special components 

  • Red cells for Neonatal top-up
  • Red cells for neonatal exchange transfusion

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  • Stored at: +20 to +24 degrees Celsius
  • Volume (range): 160 to 380ml for platelets pooled, leucocyte depleted or platelets pooled, in additive and plasma, leucocyte depleted
  • ABO and D compatible

Indications for platelets

  • Patient blood management statements, including single unit, triggers and targets.

Special requirements

  • Apheresis
  • Irradiated
  • High titre (HT) negative
  • (CMV) negative
  • Washed
  • HLA matched

Find out more about our HLA and HPA matched platelet tests.

Special components

  • Neonatal platelets
  • IgA deficient

Fresh frozen plasma (FFP)

  • Stored at: -25 degrees Celsius
  • Volume (range): 200 to 340ml FFP or filtered FFP
  • ABO compatible

Special components

  • Pre-thawed FFP

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  • Stored at: -25 degrees Celsius
  • Volume (range): 100 to 250ml for cryoprecipitate pooled, leucocyte depleted and 200 to 340ml for cryoprecipitate depleted plasma, leucocyte depleted
  • ABO compatible

Find out more about cryoprecipitate components that we manufacture.

Indications for frozen components

  • Patient blood management statements – coagultation screen abnormal.

Special requirements

  • HT negative
  • Pathogen inactivated
  • Solvent-detergent (SD) treated: Octaplas
  • Methylene Blue (MB) treated: MB FFP

Find out more about: the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) guidelines for blood transfusion.