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Amend patient details

Published on 06 December 2022

We hold a master record for each dental patient registered in Scotland. This record has a unique identity number, which makes sure patient treatment histories are linked together. Each month, a dental payment schedule report contains a section detailing the patients we’ve received a claim for. It shows the details we hold and those entered on the claim. If our records are wrong, please provide the correct details using the dental 287 form.

How to submit amended patient details

You can email the updated dental 287 form to if you have an NHS email account.

Patient informs you that they want to change their name and/or sex when they choose to live in a changed gender

The patient will make this request through their General Practitioner service which controls changes to patient details on the Community Health Index (CHI). The decision on when to change a patient's CHI will be decided following an agreed and managed process of transition often with no expectation for people to undergo gender reassignment before changing part or all their CHI details. Once the patient informs you that their details on CHI have been amended then you must send us a Patient Detail Amendment form (dental 287 form) before submitting a claim with the patient's new details. After we have changed our records, the details you enter when carrying out a patient search will match to the amended record in our system. If you submitted a prior approval request with the patient's original details, but submit the payment claim with the patient's new details, you will need to add observations to NHS National Services Scotland the claim detailing the original prior approval reference number, PA date, patient's date of birth, previous names, sex and CHI number.

Why it's important to keep records correct

Incorrect details can lead to duplication or treatment being time-barred. This may result in incorrect payments and potential recovery of any overpayments.