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Learn more about IRIC

Published on 10 June 2024

Learn more about IRIC

This page introduces the health and social care professional to the systems that are managed and operated by Scotland’s national Incident Reporting and Investigation Centre (IRIC). It informs staff working within the health boards and local authorities of their responsibilities and the importance of reporting adverse incidents to IRIC when they involve medical devices, IVDs, estates, facilities, social care equipment and PPE.

Safety alerts are important communications highlighting newly identified or under-recognised risks that need urgent action to prevent serious or fatal harm. Failure to act on safety alerts can be detrimental to patient safety.

IRIC also manages a network of Incidents and alerts Safety Officers (ISOs) covering all of Scotland’s health boards and local authorities. Their important role contribution to patient safety is also highlighted.

Your incident reports are important to us as they could lead to changes by the manufacturer or the publication of a safety alert.

Your adverse incident report counts and helps to improve patient safety!