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Published on 01 December 2023

We produce and distribute safety alerts to all NHS boards, local authorities, social care and independent services (that are under contract) within Scotland.

  • Alerts issued from January 2019 are available in our publications library.
  • To request a copy of alerts before the above date please email us
  • We encourage all local authorities and health boards to share these alerts with their contractors.

In addition to producing our own alerts, we also adopt and distribute safety alerts produced by our partners at the Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) and NHS Improvement. To view MHRA safety alerts, you should visit the GOV.UK website and for NHS Improvement safety alerts, visit the NHS Improvement website.

About safety alerts

Safety alerts highlight risks that were previously unknown or which need to be managed differently in light of new information. Our safety alerts are specialised and only deal with safety concerns affecting medical devices, estates, facilities, social care equipment and PPE (personal protective equipment).

We issue different types of alerts to reflect varying levels of risks within specialist subjects.

You can read more about our safety alerts below:

Safety action notice (SAN)

SANs contain information about significant safety issues which affect the Scottish health and social care system.

Safety Information Message (SIM)

SIMs contain information about less significant safety concerns which affect the Scottish health and social care system.

National Patient Safety Alert (NatPSA)

NatPSAs are published by our partner organisations in England including MHRA and NHS Improvement. They contain information about serious safety issues — including issues affecting medical devices.

We distribute NatPSAs in their original form, as produced by our partner organisations in England.

MHRA Device Safety Information (MDSI)

MDSIs capture safety information from MHRA. The information is about safety concerns which do not meet MHRAs criteria for a national patient safety alert.

Medical device alert (MDA)

MDAs contain information about safety issues which affect medical devices. MDAs are no longer issued.

Estates and facilities alert (EFA)

EFAs contain information about engineering, fire and property related risks.

We publish EFAs in partnership with NHS Improvement and our counterparts in Wales and Northern Ireland.

Manufacturer Field Safety Notice (FSN)

FSNs contain important safety information about medical devices. They include guidance on how to reduce or eliminate the risks from affected devices.

Device manufacturers and suppliers send field safety notices directly to affected customers. MHRA monitors compliance with all field safety notices and hosts copies of them on its website.

If you receive a field safety notice direct from a manufacturer, send a copy to the Equipment Co-ordinator for your health board or local authority. Visit Find your Equipment Co-ordinator for more information.

Get in touch

If you have a question about a safety alert

Phone: 0131 275 7575