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Accurate and honest declarations

Published on 22 January 2020

Appendix 2 - Independent Living Fund

Your Declaration:

I agree that the information I have provided to ILF Scotland in my application is complete and correct.

I accept the ILF Scotland funding as detailed in the accompanying offer letter(s) and calculation sheet(s) which I have read and understood.

I agree to:-

  • Only use ILF Scotland money for personal care and domestic assistance to enable my independent living (or the independent living of the individual whose funding I manage).
  • Comply with my obligations when using the ILF Scotland award as outlined in the Your Responsibilities booklet.
  • Pay back any ILF Scotland funds, which are not used.
  • Keep appropriate records.

Immediately notify ILF Scotland of any change to:

  • Income and/or capital.
  • Care needs/care costs.
  • Who I pay to provide such personal care and domestic assistance.
  • The rate of Disability Living Allowance or other benefits (e.g.PIP – Personal Independence Payment) that I receive (or that I am managing for the individual receiving ILF Scotland funding).
  • My residency e.g. admission to hospital or residential care