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Online reports Terms and Conditions

Published on 01 April 2022

Online reports Terms and Conditions

Included in these Terms and Conditions are the rights and responsibilities governing the use and access to the Online Reporting service.

Part 1 - Access

User accounts are provided to general dentists, orthodontic contractors, public dental service practitioners, NHS Board Clinical Directors and NHS Board Clinical Leads upon request.

Note: Assistant, Body Corporate Assistant (unless normal general dental service (GDS) list number held) and Vocational Dental Practitioners cannot apply for access.

To access the service you must have an active personal NHSmail, or NHS Board provided email account. If you are a dentist please contact your NHS Board Dental IT (Information Technology) Facilitator to request one.

The Terms and Conditions must be read before completing appropriate registration form. Once you have submitted your request, you are agreeing to comply with these terms.

Part 2 – User accounts

General dentist, orthodontic contractor, or public dental service practitioner

An account providing access to your monthly payment schedule reports which relate to your own list numbers.

If you are the GDPA (General Dental Practice Allowance) designated dentist within a dental practice you will also have access to the monthly/quarterly practice reports.

eSchedule contact

The eSchedule contact within a practice is a dentist who has been authorised by all dentists in the practice to have access to their monthly payment schedule reports (excluding the Account 7 Commitment Report).

It is not mandatory to have an eSchedule contact. It is however recommended to make sure there will always be access to the reports.

When a dentist submits a request to become the eSchedule contact, they are declaring that they have sought authorisation from all dentists within the practice. Practitioner Services will action the request on that basis. The responsibility lies with the dentist who has submitted the request.

If a dentist joins a practice where there is an eSchedule contact it is the responsibility of the practice to inform the dentist. All dentists within the practice must agree to have an eSchedule contact, if a new dentist has any objections it sits with the practice to resolve.

If there is a change to the eSchedule contact, it is the responsibility of the practice to inform all dentists concerned and submit an updated access form or email if appropriate to Practitioner Services.

NHS Board Clinical Director or Clinical Lead

An account providing access to the monthly payment schedule reports which relate to public dental service practitioners in your NHS Board only and/or specific Board reports. If access is no longer required, it is the responsibility of the person who authorised the account to advise Practitioner Services.

Note: Access to the NHS Board Activity Measure reports is restricted to the Clinical Director plus one authorised member of staff.

Part 3 - Availability of the Service

While we will make reasonable effort to provide this service, there may be occasions when you do not have access to some or all of the service when we, or our suppliers, are updating and doing routine maintenance to the systems used to provide the service. Where possible we will provide notification of planned maintenance periods via our website.

4. Variation/Termination of the Service

We reserve the right to change the service and will provide you reasonable notice of any material changes.

We may, where we consider appropriate, suspend, withdraw or restrict the use of the service or any part of the service. We will inform you as soon as practicable if we take such action. We may also end the service or any part of the service at any time by giving you reasonable notice.

The reports you require access to may change, and it is the responsibility of the account holder/authoriser to advise Practitioner Services, via submission of an updated access form or via email if appropriate. This would include:

  • Change of eSchedule contact;
  • Change of reports that the NHS Board account holder requires access to;
  • An account closure.

5. Duration of Access

If you resign and no longer have a list number in Scotland then your access to eSchedules will cease when we are notified. This does not forgo your right to request copies of data which you have a legitimate claim to from your previous practice or from us through other means.

6. Accessing the Online Reporting Service

Access to online reporting is via the Business Objects web site which is only available over a secure SWAN connection. If you do not have a SWAN connection, please contact the Practitioner Services Dental Helpdesk on 0131 275 6300 to find out how to apply for one.

If you have a SWAN connection you will already have read and agreed to The Code and Practice for Connection of Dental Practices (PDF, 130kb) and you will have confirmed that you have understood and comply with the content of that code of connection.

7. Security and Confidentiality

The online reporting service is hosted from NHS National Services Scotland’s secure data centre(s) located in Scotland and is only accessible over the secure SWAN network.

The web services used within online reporting use HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer encryption).

If the reports contain personal or patient confidential data and following any national or local NHS security policies and procedures (for example in relation to encrypted storage, secure email, etc.) we cannot be held responsible for loss of personal or patient confidential data out with the online reporting service. If you download these reports in any way, you become responsible for the security and privacy of that information.

When you register you will receive two e-mails from One email containing your username; DIS username, and the second email containing your temporary password; DIS: password.

You will be required to create a permanent password.

You must keep your security details (your username and password) private and take all reasonable precautions to prevent their unauthorised use to access the service.

You must not disclose your security details to any other person or record your security details in any way that may result in them becoming known to another person.

To log on you will need both your username and password.

We will never ask you for your password. If you are ever asked for your security details or password, report this to us immediately by email at or by phone on 0131 275 7777.

8. Data Protection Notice

Dental online reports give access to confidential patient data. Users are authorised to access personal or patient confidential data based on their secure account.

You are responsible for making sure that the data you are working on is not accessed or shared to anyone without the authority to do so and you will maintain the confidentiality of any personal or confidential patient data you access. Misuse of the data may result in referring you to your professional organisation which may put your continued registration at risk. It also constitutes a breach of codes of confidentiality and/or a criminal offence that may lead to disciplinary actions and/or to criminal prosecution.

You are responsible for ensuring you are appropriately trained in Data Protection law and the NHS Code of Practice on Confidentiality and understand that no information of a personal or confidential nature concerning individuals will be divulged to anyone without proper authority having first been given and understand that failure to comply with the above rules will be regarded as serious misconduct, which could result in action being taken against you by your employer, or by others.

Further information can be found published on the Practitioner Services Data Protection Notice.

9. Other Information

If you are unable to access your reports, you can request these from the eSchedule contact within the practice in the first instance.

If this is not possible you can contact the Dental & Ophthalmic Helpdesk on 0131 275 6300 or by email at who will arrange for the reports to be issued to you securely.