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Online reports Terms and Conditions

Published on 12 November 2021

Online reports terms and conditions

Included in these Terms and Conditions are the customer/dentist’s rights and responsibilities governing the use and access to the service.

  • 'You' are the customer/dentist – note that Assistant, Body Corporate assistant (unless normal GDS list number held) and Vocational Dental Practitioners cannot apply for access to the eSchedules service

  • 'We' are Practitioner Services, NHS National Services Scotland.

You should read these Terms and Conditions before completing the registration form for online access. By completing and signing the online access form you are agreeing to comply with these Terms and Conditions.

1. Definitions

1.1 Dentist View

Access to reports relating to an individual dentist’s own list numbers. Dentist view is mandatory for all dentists in a practice that has signed up to the eSchedules service.

1.2 Practice View

Access to reports (excluding commitment list number schedule reports) for all list numbers for all dentists at a practice. The eSchedule contact is the default position for Practice View.

1.3 eSchedule contact

The lead contact within the practice in respect of the eSchedules service. Provision of an eSchedule contact is optional.

1.4 List number types

  • 24 hour
  • Assistant
  • Body Corporate
  • Body Corporate assistant
  • Body Corporate contractor
  • Commitment payment
  • Emergency
  • Ordinary
  • Temporary
  • Trainer

1.5 Available Reports

  • Account 7 General
  • Account 7 Commitment Payment
  • Allowances and Superannuation
  • Capitation and Continuing Care Payments
  • Capitation and Continuing Patient Information
  • Item of Service Detail
  • Item of Service Payments
  • Items of Service Adjustments
  • Registration Summary
  • Registration Detail
  • Superannuation
  • Cumulative

The list of reports is subject to change as the service develops.

2. Availability of the Service

While we will make reasonable effort to provide this service, there may be occasions when you may not have access to some or all of the service when we, or our suppliers, are updating and doing routine maintenance to the systems used to provide the service. Where possible we will provide notification of planned maintenance periods via our website.

3. Applying and using the eSchedules Service

3.1 Details on how to apply for the eSchedules service, along with the online access form can be found in our registration section

3.2 You are authorised to use the service at the view level indicated on the online access form.

3.3 Where agreed and provided on the online access form, the eSchedule contact will be allocated Practice View. This must be authorised by all dentists in the practice by completing the online access form. All other dentists will be allocated Dentist View only.

3.4 The eSchedules service provides the following functions:

  • Run and view reports
  • Export reports in a number of formats including Microsoft Excel, PDF (portable data file)and CSV (comma separated value)
  • Save reports onto PC (personal computer)
  • Print reports
  • Once report data is out with the eSchedules service, it is the responsibility of the dentist to manage, store or email the report data appropriately, in accordance with the Data Protection Act 2018.

If the report contains personal or patient confidential data, and following any national or local NHS security policies and procedures (for example in relation to encrypted storage, secure email, etc.).

We cannot be held responsible for loss of personal or patient confidential data out with the eSchedules service.

4. Variation/Termination of the Service

4.1 We reserve the right to change the service and will provide you reasonable notice of any material changes.

4.2 We may, where we consider appropriate, suspend, withdraw or restrict the use of the service or any part of the service. We will inform you as soon as practicable if we take such action. We may also end the service or any part of the service at any time by giving you reasonable notice.

4.3 The level of access to the service may change, and it is the responsibility of the individual/group of dentists to authorise the change and advise Practitioner Services, via submission of an updated access form. This would include:

Practice View

  • eSchedule contact resigning
  • eSchedule contact leaving the practice
  • Appointing another dentist in the practice as the eSchedule contact and to have Practice View
  • eSchedule contact deceased
  • eSchedule contact being suspended or erased by the General Dental Council
  • eSchedule contact being suspended or removed from the NHS Board list

Dentist View

  • Dentist resigning
  • Dentist deceased
  • Dentist being suspended or erased by the General Dental Council
  • Dentist being suspended or removed from the NHS Board list

4.4 Changes made to access levels will become effective at the next extract from the MIDAS payment which underlies to the eSchedules service.

5. Duration of Access

5.1 The eSchedules service provides a minimum of 6 years plus, the current financial year data. Once you have applied for online access for either Practice or Dentist View, there is no requirement to reapply, unless your level of access to the service needs to change as detailed in section 4.

5.2 If you have Dentist View and hold list numbers at more than one practice, you will be able to see reports for all your list numbers through your eSchedules account.

5.3 This also applies if you move from one practice to another: you will be able to continue to access your previous list number reports through the service.

5.4 If you have Practice View at a particular practice and leave that practice then your access to that Practice View will cease on notification by the practice of a new eSchedule contact who should be given Practice View.

5.5 If you resign and no longer have a list number in Scotland then your access to eSchedules will cease when we are notified.

5.6 This does not forgo your right to request copies of data which you have a legitimate claim to from your previous practice or from us through other means.

6. Using the eSchedules Service

6.1 The eSchedules service is only available over a secure NHS N3 or SWAN connection. If you do not have an N3/SWAN connection, please contact the Practitioner Services Dental Helpdesk on 0131 275 6300 to find out how to apply for one.

If you have an N3/SWAN connection you will already have read and agreed to The Code and Practice for Connection of Dental Practices (PDF, 130kb) and you will have confirmed that you have understood and comply with the content of that code of connection.

6.2 To access the service you must have an active personal NHSmail or NHS Board provided email account which can be set up by your NHS Board Dental IT (Information Technology) Facilitator.

Get contact details for Dental IT Facilitators

7. Security and Confidentiality

7.1 The eSchedules service is hosted from NHS National Services Scotland’s secure data centre(s) located in Scotland and is only accessible over the secure N3 or SWAN networks.

The web services used within eSchedules use HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer encryption).

7.2 When you register you will receive two e-mails from ‘’. One email containing your user name; DIS username, and the second email containing your temporary password; DIS: password.

You will be required to create a permanent password.

7.3 You must keep your security details (your username and password) private and take all reasonable precautions to prevent their unauthorised use to access the service.

7.4 You must not disclose your security details to any other person, or record your security details in any way that may result in them becoming known to another person.

7.5 To log on you will need both your username and password.

7.6 We will never ask you for your password. If you are ever asked for your security details or password, report this to us immediately by email at or by phone on 0131 275 7777.

8. Other Information

8.1 If your level of access changes as detailed in section 4 and that change results in you losing access to online reports, you can request these from the eSchedule contact within the practice in the first instance.

If this is not possible you can contact the Dental & Ophthalmic Helpdesk on 0131 275 6300 or by email at who will arrange for the reports to be issued to you securely.