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What are national networks?

Published on 27 June 2023

Strategic networks

Strategic networks support the planning, finance and improvement of service change.

Scottish Trauma Network (STN) – Works with stakeholders across the patient pathway for the seriously injured to drive high standards of care from roadside to rehabilitation. Find more information on the Scottish Trauma Network website.

National Police Care Network – Supports and facilitates the delivery of healthcare services in police custody, as well as forensic medical service delivery. The network acts as a conduit between Police Scotland, NHS boards and Health and Social Care Partnerships. It ensures that these services are coordinated, optimised and supported at a national level. Contact National Police Care Network.

National Prison Care Network – Brings partners together from across the health and justice arenas to collaborate to improve the quality of life of people in prison. The Network supports a ‘Once for Scotland’ approach to the planning, design and delivery of an integrated, holistic, person centred care pathway across the health and social care system. Contact National Prison Care Network.

Scottish Perinatal Network – Provides a forum for staff, families and third sector partners to work together to improve maternity and neonatal care in Scotland. The interests of mothers, babies and their families are at the heart of this work. Together, the National Maternity Network and the National Neonatal Network form this network. Find more information on the Scottish Perinatal Network website.

Scottish Strategic Network for Genomic Medicine (SSNGM) – Brings genomics expertise and interest from across the NHS, academia, industry and the third sector together under a single network to provide a seamless, fully considered, sustainable, and scalable genomics service for Scotland. The network supports the planning, finance and improvement of service change to achieve better patient outcomes and more efficient service delivery models in Scotland. Contact SSNGM.

Long Covid Network – The Long-term Effects of COVID-19 Strategic Network was established in March 2022 with a £10million support fund from Scottish Government over a three year period. This was set out in Scottish Government’s strategy in 2021 – Coronavirus (COVID-19): Scotland's Long Covid service. The Strategic Network works closely with a number of stakeholders including clinical colleagues, lived experience, third sector organisations, Public Health Scotland and all NHS boards to design, implement and deliver Long COVID pathways to support people in a 'Once for Scotland' approach. Contact Long Covid Network.

Sexual Assault Response Coordination Services (SARCS) Network – Working in partnership to support the delivery of coordinated, holistic, person centred, trauma-informed healthcare and forensic medical services in Scotland for people of any age who have experienced rape, sexual assault, or child sexual abuse, including access to health and wellbeing support to aid recovery. Contact SARCS Network.