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What is national planning?

Published on 27 September 2019


Our NHSS National Planning Board is taking a proactive look at what service needs might be in the next five to 10 years.

These needs are being considered across a wide strategic context to allow identification of the most important areas for planning. A range of experts involved in different services are exploring what’s coming and what the impact might be for NHSScotland.

The board will commission existing groups, where possible, to undertake this work in key fields. The groups will manage a portfolio of strategic issues that emerge, reporting potential areas for future planning back to the board.

Some of the considerations for these groups will be:

  • understanding the population to serve and their needs
  • assessing both current and future needs, and the demand for care
  • improving outcomes for individuals and the population, reducing variation and potential harm
  • reducing inequalities across different geographical areas
  • looking at the capacity of systems and expected future requirements (including estate)
  • examining service models and supporting care pathways
  • exploring efficiency and productivity of current and required services
  • examining the financial framework for delivering care
  • identifying the workforce required to deliver the plan, including skills and competencies
  • establishing the digital requirements for new ways of working
  • evaluating the impact of new technology on services
  • creating a benefits realisation plan and performance measurement framework
  • looking at sustainability across infrastructure and the environment

FInd more information on Commissions in the guidance document.

Current commissions and expected reporting dates:

  • Cancer – November 2020
  • Cardiology – November 2019
  • Diagnostic radiology – February 2020
  • Stroke – November 2020