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What is national planning?

Published on 26 August 2021

Service planning

Where there is a need for national planning of a service, the NHSS National Planning Board will oversee it. It may be a recommendation that has arisen from a review of current services or a National Planning commission. Entirely new services are also sometimes set up.

The Board may commission a portfolio group to take this forward, or they may establish a short life planning group.

Some of the considerations for the group will include:

  • the service need based on the population
  • what service, if any, is currently available
  • what the new service might need to include e.g. diagnostics, interventions, follow up
  • what the pathway would be
  • the workforce needed to deliver the service, including any special skills
  • any building and equipment requirements
  • any technology needed
  • what other services might be needed nearby
  • the evidence for clinical benefit
  • costs