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Learn more about the structure of NSS specifically the strategic business units, supporting business units and the clinical directorate.


NSS Central Legal Office (CLO) provides specialist legal advice and assistance to NHSScotland in every area of law relevant to the public sector.

Find out more about the Central Legal Office.

Procurement, Commissioning and Facilities

Procurement, Commissioning and Facilities (PCF) improve and support Scotland's health by providing clinical, professional, assurance and support services.

PCF is comprised of:

  1. Health Facilities Scotland
  2. Antimicrobial Resistance and Healthcare Associated Infection

Practitioner and Counter Fraud Services

Practitioner & Counter Fraud Services (P&CFS) provide professional services to support general practitioners (GPs), dentists, opticians, community pharmacies and dispensing contractors delivering care across Scotland.

We work across the public sector to develop intelligence-led, joined-up approaches to identify and counter fraud. We investigate public sector related fraud allegations, and our prevention work reduces the likelihood of fraud taking place, freeing up resources for their proper use – patient care.

Find out more about Practitioner Services and Counter Fraud Services.

Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service

The Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service (SNBTS) is the specialist provider of transfusion medicine in Scotland, supplying high quality blood, tissues and cells services.

Our key priority is to ensure that NHSScotland has enough blood to meet the transfusion needs of patients in Scotland. It is our responsibility to make sure that blood, tissues and cells are available when patients need them.

Find out more about the Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service.

Digital & Security

NSS Digital and Security (DaS) provides national technology services and digital solutions which are integral to the effective delivery of service across health and social care supporting NHSScotland (NHSS).

Find out more about Digital and Security.


In Finance, our aim and vision is to ensure excellence in strategic financial management enabled by sound governance, business insight, efficient and effective services.

We support all the directorates across NSS in the delivery of services to NHS Scotland. We also provide a range of financial support services to Healthcare Improvement Scotland (HIS), NHS24, National Education Scotland (NES), State Hospital and Public Health Scotland (PHS).

Find more information on NSS Annual Reports and Accounts 2020-2021.

HR and Workforce Development

HR’s mission is to provide innovative people solutions and leadership to enable NSS and our partners to support their response to COVID-19, remobilise and shape the way their services are delivered in Health & Social Care.

HR is committed to providing a quality, timely and efficient service which reflects national organisational strategic and business objectives.

We provide a comprehensive suite of HR and Occupational Health and Safety services to all NSS’s Strategic and Support Business Units and to Public Health Scotland as well as providing support to other NHS Boards where and when we can add value.

Access a range of HR information and details about our workforce systems on our HR Connect.

Strategy, Performance and Service Transformation

Strategy, Performance and Service Transformation (SPST) provides strategic delivery functions to NSS, NHSScotland and the wider public sector and consists of four directorates.

1. Strategy, Performance and Communications (SPC)

The SPC directorate operates under the direction of the NSS Board, NSS Executive Management Team and NHSScotland. It is responsible for:

  • Strategic Planning.
  • Performance, risk and resilience management.
  • Stakeholder relations and marketing and communications service.
  • Customer insight and analysis for NSS.
  • Managing the Shared Services relationship and performance with Public Health Scotland (PHS).
  • Ensuring NSS complies with its equality and diversity obligations.
  • The provision of business development and account management of corporate shared services on behalf of NSS.
  • The incubation and delivery of new services to the point of maturity and handover to business as usual.

2. Corporate Governance Directorate (CGD)

The NHS in Scotland is committed to maintaining high standards of corporate governance. The corporate governance teams are at the heart of this activity, providing advice, governance and regulatory expertise.

The areas that the Directorate cover includes:

Committee services

  • Supporting NSS’s formal decision making and reporting machinery, including overseeing the organisation and administration of all Board and committee meetings.
  • Supporting full committee and bespoke services to a range of NHSScotland-wide groups, including the NHS Scotland Chief Executives Group and NHS Scotland Chairs Group.

Corporate affairs and compliance

  • Oversight of Internal Audit
  • Whistleblowing and the Confidential Contacts Services
  • Executive and Personal Assistant services to our Executive Management Team

3. Programme Management Services and Service Transformation (PgMS)

Bringing extensive experience in the design and delivery of complex programmes and a proven track record in large-scale transformational change, PgMS works with and helps partners across health, social care and the wider public sector to deliver better health and care.

PgMS’s services include:

  • Portfolio Management - a whole system approach to large scale transformational change that recognises investment, optimises the allocation of resources and addresses ‘business as usual need.’
  • Programme and project delivery - defining a clear way forward for programmes and projects ensuring that outcomes are delivered on time, on budget and with effective governance.
  • Transformation and design solutions – exploring the problem from every angle before designing the solution by using inclusive research and design methods to create user-centred health and social care services.
  • Programme and Project Assurance – a ‘critical friend’ assurance to ensure that programmes and projects are initiated in line with best practice and are directed and managed appropriately.

4. COVID-19 Response Directorate (CRD)

The COVID-19 Response directorate provides services that support the national response to COVID-19 as well as supporting other national programmes.

The wide range of services delivered include the provision of operational and helpline services to support the Scottish Government’s:

  • Test & Protect and COVID/Flu Vaccination Programmes.
  • The Warm Welcome to Scotland for Ukrainians arriving in Scotland.


The Clinical directorate provides trusted leadership, assurance and expertise in clinical and care matters.

We work collaboratively with teams across NSS, the health and care system in Scotland and wider partners, ensuring that NSS services deliver for Scotland’s citizens, patients and clinical community.

Find out more about the Clinical Directorate.